20 July 2012

About My 'Wayne of Gotham' Book Review

My Wayne of Gotham book review came out today, which is almost a month after I wrote it.  It's somewhat strangely edited, so if you're interested, I wrote a new one on its product page at Amazon.com.  (There's also one at Goodreads).

As a final note, and after having just watched last night's midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises, I can't help but acknowledge that the film and Hickman's book draw from some of the same comic book source material--in particular, the ending to Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns.  However, I also feel that Nolan's film retold this material much more satisfyingly, making a comparison between the two feel somewhat silly.

UPDATE: My fondness for The Dark Knight Rises finally caved after a few repeat viewings and I decided it's for similar reasons. In other words, it actually doesn't seem that silly to compare this book and that film. And to be fair to both, I'm realizing - with the recent release of The Dark Knight Returns as animated movies in two parts - that said graphic novel is not actually my favorite Batman story, either.

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