Published Writing

Published creative work, listed in descending chronological order (annotated).

"The Straw Samurai." Scarecrow. Ed. Rhonda Parrish. World Weaver Press, 2015. 90-109. Print and Kindle Edition.
A retelling of the Japanese folk tale "The Tengu's Magic Cloak," written especially for this anthology. Okamiko, a homeless girl, only wants to play with the villagers' children...but she is human and they are all manner of beast-people. To them, she is different and untrustworthy. Take, a bamboo stick, is her only friend, until she meets four Crows gathering rice stalks. Their plan? To build a straw samurai.
“Greener.” Limn Literary & Arts Journal 1:2 (2012): n. pag. Web.
Graphic novel script. I wrote this in an attempt to better appreciate the zombie craze, which otherwise I have a hard time understanding. This brings various interpretations to light but overall is less a parody and more a dark comedy in its own right. I intended to illustrate it but took the opportunity to publish the script in the meantime. Unfortunately, only the issue's table of contents is currently accessible with this link.

“Vox in a Box.” Limn Literary & Arts Journal 1:1 (2012): 107-21. Web.
Published online by a for-charity online publication created by several friends from Goddard College. One of my favorite pieces of writing, "Vox in a Box" received some of my nicest and most personable rejections by some of the finest literary journals in the country. 20 times.

“They Call Me Madman.” FFJ Anthology Vol. 3. Ed. Ujjwal Dey. Freedom Fiction Journal, 2012. 69-92. Print and Kindle Edition.

--- Freedom Fiction Journal 3:10 (2011): 11-28. Web.
Short story. Published by Freedom Fiction Journal online and then in a print anthology, "They Call Me Madman" was nominated for the Pushcart Prize. A retelling of Edgar Allan Poe's "Tell-Tale Heart" as a superhero origin story, you can read it by following the link, where you will find Issue 10, Vol. 3 as a PDF, or can order the print anthology. This started as a one-act play, which I adapted into its current form and, after learning about the television show Heroes, mailed to its creator Tim Kring. I'm not sure why.
“He Has Not the Time.” Pitkin Review, Spring 2010. Plainfield, VT: 2010. 39-46. Print.
One-act play. No longer available, unfortunately, though if ever it is you could probably read about it here. This was inspired by (and somewhat of a metaphor for) Acts chapter 8.
Steven Lowry comic strip [written and illustrated]. Field Reference Guide to Steven Lowry and Other Lowry Family Info, Stories, and Quirks. Ed. Jennifer Lowry Young. Collierville, TN: Instant Publisher, 2007. 41, 62- 63, 85, and 108. Print.
A comic commission (because I used to draw, too).

Published articles, reviews, and critical essays, listed in descending chronological order.

"Mormon Faith, Fantastic Transformation, and Free Will." Irreantum 14.2 (2012): 85-111. Print.

“The conference I remember best.” Deseret News 2 April 2013: E-27. Print.

"'Avatar: The Promise': A Good Read, A Great Story." 13 May 2013. Web.

"He-Man: The Most Powerful Game in the Universe App." 9 April 2013. Web.

"Star Wars Crib Prints." 2013. Web.

"WordGirl Super Team Sports Bottle." 2013. Web.

"Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH." 2013. Web.

"Lion-O's Cereal T-Shirt." 2013. Web.

"Hellboy at Home Print." 2013. Web.

"Day Watcher Griffin Print." 2013. Web.

"Batman Lego Pajama Set." 2013. Web.

"Draw the DC Universe." 2013. Web.

"The Hobbit Gandalf Plush." 2013. Web.

"Stark Expo Shirt." 2013. Web.

"Willow Blu-ray/DVD Combo." 2013. Web.

"The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland..." 2013. Web.

"Zeus on the Loose." 2013. Web.

"Dragonslayer on DVD." 2013. Web.

"*Batteries Not Included." 2013. Web.

"TMNT Art Print." 2013. Web.

"DC Comics Batgirl Barbie." 2013. Web.

"Dragonheart Collector's Edition." 2013. Web.

"Usagi Yojimbo Plush." 2013. Web.

"Mr. Freeze T-Shirt." 2013. Web.

"Dungeon Master Shirt." 2013. Web.

"Little People Wheelies Play 'n Go Batcave." 2013. Web.

"Lego Heroica -- Castle Fortaan." 2013. Web.

"Young Justice: Season One Vols 1, 2 ,3." 2013. Web.

"Doctor Who Lamp." 2013. Web.

"Marvel Super Hero Socks." 2013. Web.

"Kid's Cartoon Furniture." 2013. Web.

     20 July 2012.  Web.

"I Believe in 'The Dark Knight Rises.'"  06 July 2012.  Web.

Kid Media Monitor: The staying powers of superhero shows.”  08 November 2011.  Web.

Top 5 most successful and popular movie franchises of all time.”  19 October 2011.  Web.

5 books that should be films.”  15 September 2011.  Web.

Will everyone be kung fu fighting?”  Deseret News 27 May 2011: C-1.  Print.

“International Baritone Comes to Crane.”  Daily Courier-Observer. Potsdam, NY: October 13, 2007.  Print.

“Literacy Volunteers Needed: Tutors Discover Diversity.”  Daily Courier-Observer.  Potsdam, NY: September 7, 2007.  Print.

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