12 June 2013

Mormon Faith, Fantastic Transformation, and Free Will

I received my copy of Irreantum volume 14, issue 1 about a month ago and have been waiting for it to be available from the Association for Mormon Letters, but it looks like the Irreantum site is undergoing maintenance. The issue includes my essay "Mormon Faith, Fantastic Transformation, and Free Will," which is an updated version of a college essay I wrote five years ago. But since it doesn't look as if non-subscribers can obtain a copy, an excerpt appears below:

I intend to argue that a Mormon reading of fantasy literature in particular reinforces Biblical archetypes of personal transformation and accountability.  To do so, I will first define fantasy as “supernatural transformation”; second, show how different types of transformation are demonstrated through the Old Testament; and third, fully define a paradigm through a reading of the New Testament.

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