25 May 2014

"The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" Review

20th Century Fox
I'm the right audience for this movie: I like minimalist humor, daydream a lot, and have a fondness for stories that confuse reality and fantasy.

The corporate villains are pretty archetypal (acknowledged in a cool "Mr. Smith vs. Neo"-style sequence), the "real" adventures aren't terribly believable (I don't think sharks behave like the Shrieking Eels from Princess Bride), and the plot parallels As Good As it Gets in more ways than one (middle-aged single guy obsessed with his work slowly overcomes a slight mental disorder through his attraction to a single mom and by acting as a kind stranger to her son).

That said, the visuals, direction, writing, acting, and music all come together quite nicely. The movie hammers home the "stop dreaming and live" concept, but again, I'm the right audience for that. I like how the details come together in the end, the character Cheryl's meta-fictional line about writing a mystery, and the repeat interruptions from Patton Oswalt. We've seen the "customer service representative as hero's helper/deus ex machina" idea in countless commercials before, but none of them have anything on Patton Oswalt.

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