14 July 2015

Descent 2nd Edition Painted Miniatures, Part 3

In this third post showing my painted Descent: Second Edition miniatures, I'll focus on both big box expansion: Labyrinth of Ruin and Shadow of Nerekhall. Each contains four new heroes and classes, four new monster groups, several new lieutenants, new quests playable alone or in a full campaign, and new game mechanics. As mentioned in Part 1 and Part 2, the paint jobs and pics were done by my brother, whose Etsy store of various geek-related crafts can be found here.

Labyrinth of Ruin


Pathfinder Durik (Orc Warrior)
Dezra the Vile (Human Mage)
Ulma Grimstone (Dwarf Healer)
Logan Lashley (Human Scout)

Goblin witchers
Volucrix reavers
Carrion drakes


One of the new mechanics introduced in this campaign is the use of allies. Depending on which path the heroes choose, they will receive assistance from either a healer or a scout, with an opportunity to switch later on. Whichever is spurned then falls under the overlord's sway and becomes an evil lieutenant. As with the lieutenants in other expansions, these are represented by picture tokens unless you buy the Lieutenant Packs, which in this case include both versions of the character. The ally version includes a hero sheet, making them playable as heroes in any but this campaign. Both are pictured below, along with the transformed version of Ariad (I don't have the other).

Serena (Human Healer)
(Left: lieutenant; right: ally/hero.)
Raythen (Dwarf Scout)
(Left: ally/hero; right: lieutenant.)
Queen Ariad
(spider form of the campaign's big baddy)

Shadow of Nerekhall

Orkell the Swift (Human Warrior)
Ravaella Lightfoot (Gnome Mage)
Rendiel (Elf Healer)
Tinashi the Wanderer (Orc Scout)


Rat swarms
Ynfernael hulks
"Shadow of Nerekhall" is my newest campaign so I don't have any of its Lieutenant Packs yet. Out of the four, two are larger and probably more fun to paint, but used very little. The other two are required more often, but smaller and less interesting. Decisions, decisions... 

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