02 August 2015

Descent 2nd Edition Painted Miniatures, Part 4

Parts 1, 2, and 3 in this series of posts have focused on heroes and monsters exclusive to the second edition of Descent. I never played the first edition (which was apparently quite a bit longer and more complicated), so I was excited when Fantasy Flight Games first started porting its heroes and monsters over to second edition in Hero and Monster Collections. Previously, players who owned the first edition miniatures could still use them in second edition if they purchased the conversion kit. The Hero and Monster Collections are geared more toward players like me with no first edition miniatures. Each one contains four heroes and three monster groups, all with new sculpts and artwork (much better if you ask me). As a bonus, each also contains two new quests playable by themselves or as side missions in a regular campaign. There are currently five collections available with a sixth on the way. In this post I'll share the first three: Oath of the OutcastCrown of Destiny, and Crusade of the Forgotten. As usual, my brother painted all the figures and took all the pics.


Trenloe the Strong (Human Warrior)

Laurel of Bloodwood (Elf Scout)

Shiver (Elf Mage)

Elder Mok (Orc Healer)


Bane spiders



Corbin (Dwarf Warrior)

Lindel (Elf Scout)

Jaes the Exile (Elf Mage)

Brother Gherinn (Human Healer)



Chaos beasts

Lava beetles


Tahlia (Human Warrior)

Tetherys (Elf Scout)

Astarra (Human Mage)

Andira Runehand (Human Healer)




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